Automatic Cars: The Next Big Buy In Bangalore

While manual cars have been in use for a while longer than automatic cars, in recent times automatic cars have been picking up speed and many want to buy them. They are very easy to drive and though they are slightly more expensive they are available in the used cars market, which means that they don’t burn a hole in one’s pocket. Many buy used automatic car in Bangalore.

Why Automatic Cars are Preferred

It isn’t that manual cars are more difficult to learn but just that automatic cars are less complicated. Of course, once you master handling the clutch and gears it is a piece of cake, but automatic cars tend to speed up the learning process. Automatic cars are more convenient to use since you do not need to focus on too many things unlike a manual car where you need to focus on both clutch and gear along with the break and acceleration. This means that there is added safety as you can focus more on the road.

Price Range of Cars Available

A few pre-owned cars are available for ₹2 lakh; however a majority of the automatic cars are sold starting from ₹3 lakh. These cars include the Nissan Micra, Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. Some of the preferred automatic cars include the sedan Honda City and the hatchback Hyundai i10, both starting at approximately ₹2.5 Lakh.

Automatic cars are seeing a slow but steady growth in terms of consumer usage. Automatics are not rejected outright and many believe that it is much more comfortable to drive an automatic transmission car rather than a manual.

In the next few years the automatic transmission should hopefully gain more and more popularity as it is no doubt the easier and more convenient of the two. Moreover, except for the obvious difference in transmission, there is no other disparity between automatic and manual cars, be it the car types available or even the price (if bought second-hand). offer free advice on all matters relating to used cars UK wide.

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