How Effective Are Your Invoices?

Managing all aspects of your business operations is a time-consuming task that is required if you are to be successful. You must pay attention to the details of the machinations of your company so that should a problem begin to develop you can deal with it quickly to avoid any type of issues with your finances, equipment, or personnel. One of the most important parts of your company is the invoicing procedures and the processes that you have in place to collect the money that clients owe you for goods and services. As you begin to examine this part of your financial plan you must determine the effectiveness of your invoices so that changes can be made when and where they are needed. Let’s take a look at some of the points you should consider as you explore how your invoices are working for you.

Your Invoices

  • The first step that you should take is to examine how your invoices are prepared and sent to the client base. Is all of the important information that you need placed in strategic locations where your customers can find it easily? Make sure that the due date is prominent, that all services are described in detail, and that the total amount owed is listed at the bottom of the invoice. You should also include any information about incentives for early payment and penalties for late remittance.
  • Check the process that you or your employees are using to answer questions that arrive once the invoices have been received by clients. Sometimes payments can be delayed if your staff aren’t answering enquiries in a timely fashion; make an office policy that all calls must be returned within a twenty-four hour period so that payments will arrive on time at your company.
  • Once you determine where your invoices are impacting the cashflow in a negative manner you should find and implement a solution; also devise an alternative plan for having enough cash on hand to handle your financial obligations. You might want to visit the website where you can review some of the options and assistance you can receive with your invoices and cashflow problems. It’s the wise businessman who has a Plan B ready to put into action should finances demand immediate attention.


  • After changes have been made to the invoice itself, you must train the employees working with invoicing to follow the new procedures. Make sure that they are sending your invoices on a regular basis, preferably the same time each month so that your clients can set up their payment schedules. Once everyone is following the new process your cashflow problems should be alleviated and your financial status should improve.

Invoicing procedures must be used so that your finances won’t be impacted when a client doesn’t receive his bill. Sending invoices and having a follow-up plan to make sure the invoice was received can combine to keep your company competitive and your budget in the black.

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