How To Stop Overspending By Changing Your Attitude

For so many of us, our money habits are ingrained in us from a young age, that often we are not aware of how we are spending our hard earned cash.  Some of us like to be extravagant and over to cover drinks for all our friends at the bar. While the rest of us like to spoil ourselves and get all the new gadgets on the market without any hesitations.

Have you ever caught yourself, trying to convince yourself that something is a necessity and not a luxury? Like getting your hair done once a week  and getting every new gadget available for your state of the art wine set.  It’s no wonder you’re overspending, when you can’t tell the difference anymore between what you need and what you want to get!

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Once you come to the realisation that you are overspending, it can be quite a shock! Because at this point, you need to figure out a plan, to rain in the spending and put an end to spending your hard earned cash frivolously. So where do you even begin. Dealing with money and our relationship with it, and how we spend it, all boils down to our attitude around our finances.

hard earned cash

It’s important to getting our attitude in check first, before we can really begin to get our spending under control. If you are determined to be in control of your spending and to have a set financial goal, then it makes it a whole lot easier to hold yourself back from spending when you know it is unnecessary. Our attitude determines our financial outcome. If your attitude towards money is serious then it becomes a lot easier to be aware of what you are spending and to remain discipline to reach your financial goals. If you hold the attitude that living a good, extravagant lifestyle is  essential, then overspending is something that will follow you for a long time.

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When it comes to curbing your spending, it can be difficult to stop yourself unless you know why you doing it, or if you have the right attitude in place. Your mindset determines how much you spend, and you can see this also on a daily basis. Have you ever had an argument with your boyfriend and felt so upset about it that you ran to the mall and went on a major shopping spree? Only to arrive home in the evening, patch things up with him, and be riddled with buyer’s remorse when you realise you don’t even like one thing that you purchase earlier on in the day.

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This isn’t an uncommon thing to happen, but it goes a long way to show that our mind and attitude is really what is in charge of our finances. We can have the most perfect financial plan, and have a budget that we have worked out carefully. But, until our attitude is on board, our budget and our end goal are just nice suggestions to think about!

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