Simple Ways To Save Money When Moving Your Office

Just as with moving from one home to another, when you move an office to a new location you will need to think about how to save money as the process can be quite expensive. The process itself is daunting when the budget is low and most small to medium sized companies are in this exact situation.

In order to help you save some company funds, remember the following tips from experienced Lexington Moving Companies.

Research Costs – Professional Services Versus DIY

Obviously, when you look at prices you will notice that it costs more when you hire the professionals than when you use the company staff to handle the moving process. However, we cannot force employees to do this. The key when moving the office is to have the staff members clean up their workstations and to help pack. That is completely normal and few will ever complain about it. Then, the professionals can handle the actual moving process and packing. When you take such an approach you can save a lot more than what you initially thought and you can still use the professionals.

Save On Boxes In Advance

When you move anything from one location to another you will want to use boxes. The great thing about an office is that boxes naturally keep being used for different activities. If you know that you are going to move the office to a new location in the future you want to start saving boxes. Remember that a moving company will normally charge a lot for the boxes and for the packing service. If you manage to save on these you will be able to save a lot of money.

As an extra tip, you can always ask your employees to bring some empty boxes to work to help move. If they have some lying around they will not have a problem with this since it actually helps the business to move faster and maintain high efficiency. Also, if the boxes are yours you can even recycle them after.

Optimize The Shut-Down Dates

This is one thing that few consider but that can drastically increase the costs associated with moving an office. There are utility companies that will not prorate bills based on departure date. You want to be sure the billing cycle will line up properly with the moving date. That means in some cases it is a good idea to cut off some of the services early. This allows avoiding having to pay for one month. Services like cable can surely be removed.

Complete Office Cleaning Before The Move

Last but not least, you want to get rid of the items that you do not really need and you want to clean way before the moving process is started. In so many situations we are faced with moving way too many items that are not really useful for the business. Think about the items that you need or that you do not need. This is the perfect time to sell what you do not use and get some extra funds for the company.


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