The Power of Law

People are never more powerful as when they come together with a common purpose and bond. Sometimes it takes adversity to draw the very best out of a society, to force a leap forward and show the way for those still lagging behind. One needn’t to look too far to see the impact a strong justice system can have on the quality of life of its citizens at large, nor the chaos that occurs when laws are weak and corrupted.

Rule of Law

The rule of law is kind of an evolutionary force for good upon society and its influence can be seen across the planet in ways that can sometimes be taken for granted. Many of the things that are basic to democracy, such as the right to free speech, to gather and protest, to choose ones occupation and work conditions, are actually all cumulative impacts of a gradual pursuit for improvement.

the power of law

As citizens of the twenty-first century, living in developed nations it is easy to take our liberties and protection for granted without seeing the historic thread that wends its way through time and binds us together in our common pursuit.

A Common Pursuit

The institutions of law and justice are still being served today by many fine members of the legal community. Although it many of the major injustices have been addressed, the courts are still filled with all kinds of legitimate claims and disputes. These are largely resolved by legal means due to the wise counsel of lawyers such as those who work for The Ticktin Law Group.

Since the early years of the twentieth century there has been a slow progression of all manner of human and civil rights and the rule of law has become more pronounced and shifted to the front of people’s minds rather than the back of it. It beggars belief to think that only a relatively short time ago factories were free to pollute the environment, children worked in coal mines, people of certain races were seen as less than equal and women were not considered intelligent enough to have a say in choosing the politicians that governed the land.


Change is Inevitable

Not so very long ago legislation existed regarding exactly just how much a man was permitted to beat his wife without it being considered abusive. The term ‘rule of thumb’ was the standard, meaning that a man could physically punish his wife with a rod or switch no thicker than his thumb. Anything larger was abusive, but anything less was absolutely fine. We’ve certainly come a long way since then but like any endeavour or undertaking, the further one progresses the more one becomes aware of subtler and subtler injustices.

The best one can do is to attempt to remain vigilant and conscious of the world around us and to remain grateful for the peace and prosperity we are afforded. By speaking out against injustice and trying to raise the bar of personal accountability, there is yet reason to hope that the quality of our society and the wider world also rises with us.

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