Various Tips on Choosing the Best Binary Options Broker

With the likelihood of making big money, the binary options trading has taken off in a big way across the world. From a handful of binary options brokers in the year 2008, there have been around hundreds of them made available presently. You would be handing over your money to a broker for carrying on with the trade. Therefore, it has been highly important that you discover the best binary options brokers from the other small and untrustworthy ones.

The Binary Options trading first surfaced in the year 2008 at the Chicago Board of Exchange. As the name suggests, Binary Options have been derivative contracts having only two possible outcomes at the completion of the contract. These options would be either you would receive cash or asset provided the contract has been ‘in the money’ or nothing on the other hand. The fundamental asset could be currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. Making constant profits out of trading in binary options would largely depend on the accuracy with which you could predict asset movements over the term of the contract.

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Find below some important tips for narrowing down your search to finding the best binary options Etoro broker:

Choosing a regulated broker

A regulated broker would be the one who has acquired a license and has been governed by the concerned regulatory authority. Selecting a regulated binary options broker would benefit you in several ways such as payment protection in an event of insolvency of the broker, authenticity of the contract and proper usage of funds.

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Some brokers forbid US investors to trade in binary option contracts. In case, you are a US investor, you would want to check this first prior to proceeding for evaluating the broker on different parameters.

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Track Record

Choose an Etoro broker having at least one year of reputable dealings. You should avoid going for new brokers. The more experienced the broker, the higher would be its credibility as it has been able to survive in this industry.

Percent Rule


Prior to actually selecting any broker, ensure to check the user reviews or complaints that would cater you with a fair idea about the reputation of the broker. Pick the broker who has fewer complaints and good reviews.

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User Interface

As all your transactions would be online, you need to become familiar with the interface of the website of the broker. It should be easy to use along with navigating interface should simplify things for helping you take various investment decisions easily.

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