3 Simple Rules to be Debt Free From Lenders

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As much as possible, people want to avoid debt. However, due to unexpected circumstances, they are forced to borrow money from a lender. If you are starting a business, you may consider applying to FHA loan.

How to apply for FHA loan in Texas

One of the options for business start-ups to get capital is to borrow money from a lender. However, not all people know how to apply for fha loan in texas.

Applying for an FHA loan may sound easy because all you need to do is to submit an application to the chosen mortgage lender, which can be done online. However, to become a qualified borrower, there are requirements that you need to meet.

How to be qualified

Just like applying for a new job, you need to show a good impression to lenders. You need to show that you are a credible borrower. Below are the important qualities that you need to show to any lending companies.

Proof you have a stable job

Most lenders prefer applicants who have worked to a company for a year or two in the same field or employer. Debtors look at this quality to ensure that the applicant they approved to get a loan is capable of paying the debt.

You have established a good credit score

By maintaining a good credit score, your application is most likely be approved. A good credit score means a lot to FHA lenders because it means you are a responsible borrower.

Ability to pay the housing payment and any existing debt

This quality is the biggest factor in qualifying for an FHA loan. No matter how much you want to borrow as long you can pay the housing payment or existing debt, in the eyes of the lenders, you can pay your debt.

FICO score should be at least 580-640

As mentioned earlier, you must have a good credit score, and it should be at least 580-640.

There is nothing wrong with applying for a loan, especially if the reasons are valid. You don’t need to feel guilty. Of course, you would want to be free from debt. You can avoid debt problems with the three simple rules.

How to Be Debt-Free After Borrowing

Know your limit by setting a budget

There are times you forget that the money you borrow should be paid. You need to keep in mind your priorities and the interest rate of the money you borrowed.

According to expert, the easy way to know your limit is to set a 50/30/20 budget. It includes:

  • 50% for necessities, such as housing.
  • 30% to spend on leisure: eating out at restaurants.
  • 20% to pay the debt.

Practice frugal spending

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The common problem of the people who are struggling to pay their debt is spending too much on leisure. This practice should be avoided and start spending where your priorities and goals are. It is also crucial to be practical in making decisions. For example, instead of buying a new car, why not purchase a used one.

Save money

Saving money is not easy for some people. However, this practice is essential to prepare for the worst or any emergency.

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