Here is Everything You Should Know About ARM and Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed rate mortgages

It is always the simplest to begin with standard fixed rate loans, and then examine how the other adjustable loans will work differently. These loans are super safe, you will be aware of how much you will pay and you do not risk payment shock.

The fixed rate mortgages in New Mexico have the same interest rate through the lifespan of the loan. This also keeps the monthly payment uniform throughout. If you can afford the fixed rate loan payment, there will be no unexpected surprises, no matter what the interest rates are. And this predictability comes with a cost. ARMs begin with a tad bit lower rate than a fixed rate loan, all other factors being even.


Nobody keeps a keen eye on how interest rates are subject to change every now and then. Even if you managed to correctly guess it, it is hard to predict the timing and the speed of interest rates at which they tend to change. ARMs or adjustable rate mortgages let you share the risk of that uncertainty with your lender. This leads you paying less in the early years, at least. ARMs begin with a lower interest rate then the fixed rate loans. A lower rate means low monthly payment and more manageable cash flow. If your rates fall, your rates may even decrease. ARMs showcase an interest rate that is prone to change as the rates in economy change. Your rates may be uniform for a year or seven. After that, changes are inevitable. As the rate changes, your loan follows the path. In most of the case, your rate is the benchmark rate and a spread added.

Which is the best?

  • Need for surety: If your budget is tight and changes of any kind would bring any imbalance to your finances, go for a fixed rate loan. Albeit you pay more than the first ARM payments, but you wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Interest rate prediction: It is tough to predict the direction, timing and speed at which the rates change. If you believe the rates are low, but will rise, go with a fixed rate loan. If they are high and are about to fall, go with the ARMs.
  • Aggressive prepayment: until and unless there is a sharp rise in the rates, you can use ARMs to prepay your loan and reduce your loan balance. Important prepayments make it easy to manage the risk of a rise in the future interest rate. But if it is a smaller loan balance, then the loan wouldn’t matter much.

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