Brief Understanding on Services Offered by Acquisition Company

Among the various kinds of online businesses prevalent all over the world aiming to make your business a success, the has become a popular name with the people. The company would be best described as a small team that comprise advocates, business consultants and accountants. They have been a reliable, decisive and competent team. Their major driving force would be the success of your company. The company was founded in 1995. Since their inception, they have been serving international companies and laying emphasis on tax-related benefits. The company has been working for keeping the best interest of the clients. They work in order to make you successful. This has been the major reason that the clients have undying faith in the company.


The company has established a wide network having various branches covering entire Switzerland and other major nations. However, they have collaboration with various other companies, which enables them to cater the clients with comprehensive set of services pertaining to the business of their clients. They would cater the client with a wide range of services suitable to their requirements.

Acquisition of companies

Acquisition of companies would range from joint stock companies to limited liability companies. They would transfer Swiss joint stock and limited liability companies having an impeccable credit history for your immediate usage. Find below a list available with various companies.

  • Sales of immobile joint stock companies.
  • Previously existing limited liability.
  • Freshly founded joint stock companies.
  • Previously existing joint stock companies.


Registration of company address

This service would cater you with an option to register your company with an address specifically in Switzerland. It would also cater you with various beneficial tax provisions. You would be able to make profit from their convenient locations, which would be prominent in Switzerland.

You could make use of various available benefits, which have been delivered by their business package. In addition, you would be able to order registration of company address along with office services for a reasonable price.

Virtual office service

As and when needed, they would be able to cater you with a wide range of office services. You would most certainly be able to make the most of having a reputation of being a professional. As s result, you would be able to concentrate on your primary tasks.

Provision management staff

You must often wonder whether your company needs a dynamic and strategic director or council. When you log on to, you would locate appropriate employees for an experienced director or for the council of your company.

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