XFR Financial Ltd Gives You Best 4 Forex Apps For Smartphones

Many people have made it big and lost fortunes by trading on the well-known Forex market. However, thanks to its success, many developers are continuously creating apps for those who want to make it big with currency exchange. For this reason, if you are a busy trader on the go, there are many smartphone Forex apps that could help you analyse and manage you Forex account and position no matter where you are in this planet.

There are many smartphone Forex apps, which will allow you to manage your trades at XFR Financial Ltd using your mobile devices. The question is; which is the best Forex app to use? Well, below are some of the best 4 Forex apps.

  1. The Metatrader 4 And Metatrader 5

The truth is that there are indeed a lot of Forex smartphone apps; however, the best among all apps is still the Metatrader 4 remote app. These apps allow you the full functionality of the MT4 platform through your smartphone. It includes opening positions, managing positions, setting stop and limit orders, monitoring Forex charts and much more. It links directly into your MT4 trading account.

Metatrader 5

  1. The MBT Mobile

Today, MBT Mobile is considered as one of the most reliable Forex Apps for smartphones by web programs. This is because this app has the ability to provide real-time information, which gives traders the ability to keep account on their accounts at anytime or anywhere.

This app offers a lot of features which include:

  • Better Forex quotes
  • Chart functions
  • Ability to access global market and much more

For those looking to get these features and more to enhance their currency trading experience, all they have to do is to create an MB trading account which is available on their website for free.

  1. The XTradeByXFR Financial Ltd

When it comes to Forex brokers that supports smartphone Forex trading app, there is no better broker than XFR Financial Ltd. According to a research by Forexspace, it showed that XTrade for android is one of the top 10 online Forex trading platforms. This has been highly contributed by it many functions, which includes a one-tap trading functions, live charts; live streaming inter-bank rate feeds and much more.

Not forgetting the advantage it offers through its tight spreads and trading advantages, which includes the ability to limit orders, following and setting profit levels.

  1. The aCurrency

“Those who are keen about keeping tabs of all historical trading movements of exchange rates would rely find aCurrency a very useful app”, this is a quote from the best android apps. Its currencies are updated in real-time anytime you are connected to the internet. This smartphone app does also offer other features which include:

  • If you are not connected to the internet, its offline access takes charge. Well, according to DotTech, you have the power to convert currencies even without the need to connect to the internet. This is because currency rates are downloaded every time you are logged to the internet.
  • It offers a clean and user friendly interface, which allows anyone who would like to explore the Forex marketvia XFR Financial Ltd at a glance could do it easily through this smartphone app.

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