Determining if Your Suffering is Covered by Law

Workers can suffer any variety of injuries while on the job. These physical damages can leave people unable to carry out their duties and earn an income to support their families. If you have been hurt while working or you notice that your health continues to deteriorate the longer you work, you may have reason to file against your employer’s workers compensation insurance. You can know for sure by consulting professionals like an Iowa lawyer and other legal insiders who are well-versed in the state’s worker’s comp laws.

Types of Common On-the-Job Injuries

Many people assume that workers get hurt at work by falling off equipment or getting cut on machinery. It is true that falls and cuts are common types of on-the-job injuries. People who climb ladders, operate heavy machinery like sidewinders and forklifts, or work with saws, blow torches, and other gear face a significant risk of getting hurt.

However, on-the-job injuries can also take other forms. For example, a data entry worker can suffer an injury to his or her wrists and fingers because of repeated use of the hands. This person may develop carpal tunnel syndrome, which can leave the individual unable to carry out the requirements of the job.

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Likewise, someone who works with hot grease in a restaurant could become injured if the grease spills on this person’s skin. That type of injury can also leave the worker unable to come to earn an income for several days while the injury heals. If the burn goes down into several layers of skin, it may require more extensive treatment and even plastic surgery. To help workers who suffer these types of injuries continue to pay bills and support their families, the law allows these individuals to file claims against the companies’ workers compensation insurance.

Filing a Claim

If you have been injured while at work, you may hesitate to file such a claim, however. You may fear being fired or demoted.

The law prevents workers from suffering any kind of discrimination or hostile treatment because of filing a workers comp claim. You can proceed with confidence and also have a skilled intermediary by hiring an attorney who practices in this area of law.

Workers face suffering any number of injuries while on the job. You can cover your lost income, recoup medical expenses, and more by retaining a lawyer and making a workers comp claim.

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